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We deliver fresh Persian meals layered with flavour, inspired by the honest home-cooking of our families.


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Loved the set meal from Noushe Joon! Delicious food and very good value. Glad I discovered this new service and will be ordering again soon!
Anna Chapman
The presentation, taste, quality were just simply brilliant! With every bite, I went to heaven and back! Also, love their idea of environmental friendly packaging and not using plastics! 👍🏻👌🏻 100% recommended!
Anooshiravan Maleki
I loved that the food was healthy , didn’t feel as buttery is Iranian food usually does ! The Loubiya polo was perfect and the beans were crunchy ! Loved the environmentally friendly packaging !
Amanda Navaian

These are gourmet meals designed to nourish the soul. With a fresh seasonal menu, guided by a lighter, more contemporary touch to authentic recipes from the varied regions of Iran. Each delivered in sustainable packaging.

We call it Persian soul food.

Noushé Joon

Persian cuisine is one of the oldest in the world and its influence has been central to the cooking styles of India, Turkey, the Middle East and even of Spain and southern Europe

It is subtle and elegant and based on harmonious combinations of rice, abundant fresh herbs, and delicious combinations of meat and fish with both fruit and vegetables, flavoured with exotic spices such as saffron and cardamom. Nuts such as pistachio as well as fragrant seeds like sumac – not to mention the world’s most ancient superfruit, pomegranate – also figure largely in Persian recipes.

Yet for the customer who wants to order food at home, Persian cuisine doesn’t come to mind like Chinese, Korean or Lebanese.

Our mission is to put Persian food firmly on the map by elevating authentic recipes using the freshest ingredients in each season and preparing them to suit the modern palate.

Promoting and informing our customers about the flavours, ingredients, health benefits and customs surrounding Persian cuisine is paramount to enjoying the full experience.

And through collaborations with other like-minded Persian food and culture enthusiasts, we hope to present Iranian food in a newer and fresher light.

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